Custom Text, Voice, and Video Messaging Apps For Web and Mobile

Build custom text, voice, and video messaging apps for all types of businesses. Our solutions are customizable, scalable, and feature third-party integrations and secure data transfer.

What does it mean to build a modern text, voice, and chat application with Steelkiwi?

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Security and compliance

Security and compliance

When building a messaging app, data security should always be a top priority. That’s why we build video chat apps with high-end encryption and follow software security best practices to keep your sensitive content and conversations secure, safe, and 100% private.

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Cloud synchronization

Cloud synchronization

We host all data on cloud servers to enhance the accessibility and scalability of your instant messaging mobile app.

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Full customization

Full customization

Our live video chat app solution are fully customizable and can integrate with almost any third-party software so you can tailor them to your needs.

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Lightweight application

Lightweight application

We use modern technologies to create lightweight, highly testable, and easily maintainable chat applications.

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Multilingual approach and automatic translation

Multilingual approach and automatic translation

With Steelkiwi, you can get a video chat application that supports different languages and features real-time translation.


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Real-time messaging app for better collaboration

Build a chat app that supports internal and external communications for peer-to-peer instant messaging or million-user messaging. 


One-to-one and group chats

Exchange text messages and media files with one user or many users.


Push notifications

Deliver real-time updates to your users. 


Cross-platform messaging

Make your online chatting app available on Android, iOS, and the web.


Rich messaging

Track real-time typing indicators and message read statuses. 


Auto thumbnail 

Automatically render images and videos for quick previews.  


Automatic translation

Make chatting smooth and easy with message translations on the fly. 

Voice and video call app

We can create a custom voice and video app for rich and simple communication with your customers and audience.


One-to-one calls & conference calls

Hold private calls or group calls with anyone, regardless of the devices and platforms they use.


Screen sharing

Share your screen during  video and voice calls. 



Record voice messages and video calls for further analysis, embedding, or sharing. 



Multi-device support

Receive and make calls from Android, iOS, or the web. 


Cross-browser support

Use your video chat web app in whatever browser you prefer.


Third-party integrations

Integrate with third-party calendars so you can check when users are available and invite them to meetings. 

Live Interactive Broadcasting

Build a streaming app with real-time video, voice, and text-based chat functionality to increase user engagement.


Video calls

Use a live streaming app to interact with your audience via voice and video calls.


Text chat

Text-based chat allows you to get feedback from your audience, chat with broadcast participants, and ask questions in real time.


Event recording

Securely stream videos and record live streams. 


Screen sharing

Enable viewers to watch your screen on any device and platform. 


Real-time analytics

Add real-time analytics to your broadcast so you and your followers can see custom data in the chat stream.


Moderated Q&A

Use automatic and manual moderation tools to maintain the integrity of your chats and your brand.

Security standards we follow

All data is encrypted and transferred between servers only via secure channels.

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    AES Encryption

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    SSL Encryption

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    Multi-factor Authentication

Text, voice, and video messaging solution for every industry

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    On-demand services

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    Live streaming

Frequently asked questions

Yes. We can implement a messaging solution into your web or mobile app and use your existing design to achieve an organic look.

Of course. We will gladly provide support and implement any feature upgrades. 

Yes. We can add any features required to meet your business needs. 

We can develop apps for Android, iOS, and the web.

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what do you want to talk about