Job details



What is necessary to enter our internship? 

  • basic theoretical knowledge of the sphere you are applying for

  • passed course/training due to the position

  • practical skills would be a great plus

  • performed test task that we have prepared (optionally)

  • English - Upper-Intermediate


We choose only 1-2 interns who receive their mentors to study with their help.


Our Benefits:

  • talented colleagues with a good sense of humor

  • the exchange of experience

  • periodic review of the salary every six months

  • paid events attendance

  • purchase the necessary software

  • purchase a laptop or PC


We believe that work can be a pleasure, so we are waiting for someone who shares our views.


Internship conditions:

  • full-time internship takes 3 months with 1000 UAH per month payment (It’s studying guided by our mentor due to the program we composed)

  • after internship begins the 3 — month trainee period with $350 per month salary. (On this stage you will have an opportunity to see real projects and try doing some practical tasks to get ready for independent work) 

  • after internship and trainee periods the employee will receive from $500 to 1000$ per month salary with a review twice a year, depending on the profession.


Interview stages:

Stage 1. Interview with Recruiter.

Stage 2. Interview with Mentor.

Stage 3. Final interview with HRs.

And then we make a decision within 5 days (approximately).

If you`ve found yourself in these lines — we are looking forward to your CV.