See how we design and develop software, manage projects, and do business

We cultivate a culture of openness and believe that transparency is critical to project success and strong client relationships. In light of this, we have put together questions our prospects tend to have and topics our clients often ask about and crafted our playbook where you can quickly find information for yourself and get to know us even before we meet.

Get to know Steelkiwi before we meet

When researching an agency you’re looking to hire, your focus is on the agency’s technology stack and rates.
But while these things are critical to your hiring decision, it’s also important to find out what characterizes a company’s culture.
All companies have different cultures, and not every company’s culture is right for you.

Below is some of the basic information that matters to every prospect — who we are, how to start working with us,
and what past and current clients say about our services:

Client onboarding

They say a good beginning makes for a good ending. At Steelkiwi, we pay special attention to the first contact,
initial meetings, and overall client onboarding. We understand that you as the client might have a whole host of fears
and questions related to things such as managing remote developers, collaborating and communicating with your
outsourcing team, ensuring software security, and arranging work processes. Therefore, we start by introducing our way of working,
clarifying your expectations, and eliciting requirements at the early stages of collaboration.

For more information on how we onboard clients, read:

Client onboarding

Team collaboration & project management

Effective collaboration along with talented developers is the secret sauce for your project’s success.

It’s important that team members work alongside the product owner to meet common business and technical needs.

Get a glimpse of how we foster a collaborative work environment, ensure everyone’s on the same page,
and communicate with stakeholders:

Product development

We love and follow Scrum. It allows for regular demos, rhythmic releases, and CI/CD practices. Also, Scrum allows us to continuously review project progress, improve estimates and time frames, provide feedback fast, ensure everyone on the team has a voice and is accountable to their peers, set priorities as the project moves on, and deliver value to clients early and regularly.

But we’re flexible and ready to adapt our work processes to fit yours.

Product development

Let’s talk money

Money questions are some of the key questions to ask an outsourcing vendor you’re looking to hire.
It’s your right to know where your money will go and understand how your software development partner
approaches billing and invoicing.

Discover our billing formula and practices, project estimation techniques, and main price drivers:

Tell us about your travel project

what do you want to talk about

what do you want to talk about