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Custom CRM for advisory company

We built a CRM system that allows advisory firm to manage clients and track financial performance.

  • About the project

    Our client is an Australian firm that advises on investments, retirement and wealth management, estate management, income and cashflow strategies, insurance and lending, and portfolio construction. The company has 300 advisors serving more than 10,000 clients out of 27 offices around several states including Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, and Tasmania. 

  • Our client’s request

    With a large client base, our client decided to create a custom customer relationship management (CRM) system. At first, they started development in-house. But as the amount of work increased, they decided to look for external experts. They tasked Steelkiwi with designing the product’s user interface and user experience (UI/UX), updating the frontend code, refactoring the existing backend code, and building new CRM modules.

  • Solution

    We created a custom CRM system web app that allows our client's firm to collect, arrange, and manage client data in a single place, optimize sales and marketing processes, evaluate sales performance, and get detailed insights into client behavior. 

    Client's team consists of around 300 advisors in various departments. With such a large number of employees, we had to create multiple user roles and permissions. To do so, we organized employees into groups, with every employee being in at least one group. Access levels are defined for groups. Additionally, we included a super user role that has wide-reaching powers and permission to do anything in the system.


February 2019 – present
PM - 1 Frontend - 1 Backend - 2 UI/UX - 1 QA - 1
Continuous software development

When the client came to us, they wanted to improve and expand their existing CRM system. We assessed the platform’s general design, fully redesigned it, and created new modules for the CRM system.

Since client’s CRM system would contain a vast amount of data and handle hundreds of user interactions, our main task was to make it as accessible and easy-to-use as possible. To create an intuitive and simple user flow, we focused on users’ needs and objectives. We crafted a clear and functional layout that helps client’s employees manage client relationships quickly and effectively and streamlines the work process.

Iterative approach

Since client’s CRM is a huge internal system with lots of functionality, we followed an iterative approach, meaning we broke down the development into small chunks. Because we crafted the project feature by feature, we were able to make modifications and add new features. This enabled us to maximize the value for our client and achieve the desired results. 

Business goals achieved by Steelkiwi development

We have integrated four core CRM modules that utilize data and influence workflows to help client’s managers improve their work efficiency and save time on routine tasks.

Client management

Through the client management module, advisors can store all client data in one place. Using multiple filters, they can search clients, add new clients to the list, and see customer records up to date each time they are required.

Finance & payroll management

The module for finance and payroll management helps the company automate payroll functions. Through this module, advisors quickly access the company’s financial policy templates to correctly follow all financial procedures from beginning to end.

Documents management

The document management module automates and standardized the company’s document flow. The module allows advisors to search, filter, upload, download, and edit documents. Also, the module speeds up the report generating process. Via this module, advisors generate key performance reports, marketing reports, templates for partners purposes, sponsorship documents, and more.

Task management

The task management module enhances the company’s productivity by helping managers effectively track the various stages of the customer and partner lifecycle. Alongside task planning and tracking, advisors also can generate reports on prospective and current clients, see current statuses, and plan meetings.

Technology Stack

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Client's feedback

“The team is committed to first-class outcomes.”

CEO of Custom CRM for advisory company