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Saudi League

A dedicated news portal that features recent events in the Saudi League Football Club

  • Idea

    Our partner, Ofog Labs Company, contacted us to create a full-fledged football portal for the Saudi Football League. This portal would feature lots of information and news about Saudi Arabia’s football clubs as well as detailed statistics on the league’s performance, players, and managers. Fans would be able to read about the latest transfers and events and enjoy a broad selection of media.

  • Analysis

    Football is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia; 74% of the population is interested in it. However, fans didn’t have a local portal where they could follow the latest football news and interact with old-fashioned websites such as National Football Teams and Transfermarkt. In order to make the Saudi football world accessible to fans, our client came up with a technological solution to make it more convenient to follow football clubs and to increase excitement and engagement with relevant content.


April 2016 – August 2016
Backend - 2 Frontend - 2 UX - 1 UI - 1 QA - 1 PM - 1
​​​​​​​Designed UX/UI

First, we created wireframes. This allowed us to tap into our client’s vision and get a clearer understanding of what the end result should look like and how the website should function.

We also designed several iterations of the logo, providing over 30 different options. Our client liked the variations with a hawk, so we narrowed it down to several options. Eventually, we settled on a bright, tricolor hawk.

Developed right-to-left interface

Developing an interface for languages written from right to left is different in many ways. SteelKiwi has six years of experience in right-to-left (RTL) development, and our team worked closely with our client to take into account all the technical peculiarities that were required for flipping and mirroring 95% of the website content.

We chose Owl-carousel plugin, а slider, as it has options for RTL which allows users to slide website content from right to left.

Developed the backend

To reduce expenses and release the product sooner, we decided to use WordPress (which was requested by the client). We also chose a specialized SportsPress plugin. We customized it to fit our goals since SportsPress alone wasn’t able to implement all features listed in the project requirements.

Released the product

We’ve had two releases so far. The first featured an informative news portal with relevant photo and video content. In the second release, we added interactive elements to the website, allowing users to create profiles and receive points for correct predictions.

Implemented features

We added a countdown to upcoming matches.

Users can read articles, watch photo and video content, and see tables and statistics for clubs, players, and managers.

The portal pulls all new posts of the football clubs with the help of the Instagram Feed Pro Personal and WP Twitter Feeds plugins.

Authorized users can participate in polling and voting and can predict match results such as goals scored, assists, or the number of red and yellow cards given to a team.

Technology Stack

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