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An informational portal that tells about the mission and activities of a humanitarian organization

  • Idea

    Roger Hunwicks (CIO) and Allan Kinoti (marketing and sales team lead) of Kimetrica asked us to help them develop the frontend and backend for their non-profit’s website. They had already had a design by an external branding consultant, so SteelKiwi’s task was to translate that design into a working website that would spread the word about Kimetrica and their staff who monitor and evaluate global challenges and tackle disasters. Kimetrica empowers organizations with easy-to-operate software for tracking and measuring the performance of humanitarian projects. Our clients wanted to create a service that would allow governments and non-profit organizations to build campaigns for evidence-based investment in the humanitarian sector. Allan Kinoti also requested to add a blog section with editing tools and an admin panel.

  • Analysis

    Disaster risk is concentrated in countries that have poorly planned infrastructure and poorly managed urban development, vulnerable rural livelihoods, environmental issues as well as poverty and inequality. All of these things combined put people’s lives in danger. If these problems are not dealt with, they may harm billions of people – even have fatal consequences – and amount to losses in the trillions of dollars. To raise awareness of humanitarian insecurities and address them, evidence-based data and wise resource handling is vital. Governments and aid organizations can turn to monitoring and evaluation companies like Kimetrica to conduct research and surveys or provide any other form of assistance in order to estimate and track the impact of each project and efficiently aide affected or high-risk areas.


February 2016 – April 2016
Backend - 2 Frontend - 1 PM - 1 QA - 1
Developed functional backend

We developed a website using Django CMS so our clients could manage website content in just a few clicks. Right after changes are made on the backend, they become available to users without any server downtime. This means that headers, texts, images, icons, and so on can easily be changed by an admin.

We used a smart caching system to optimize performance. As a result, we ended up with a flexible website that can be updated without any effort from developers. 

Developed the frontend

To make the markup flexible, we used CSS flexbox. Also, we applied a simple jQuery solution for the animated scroll to a block if the URL contains a hash.

We made use of owl-carousel as it was the best option at the time. Owl supports touch interactions, infinite looping, and responsive design.

Our team applied chosen.js, as it’s a very lightweight jQuery library for styling select inputs.

We used Magnific popup, a lightweight, flexible jQuery library for making pop-up windows. Magnific is a simple jQuery solution for animated block scroll if the URL contains a hash.

Implemented features

Users can see job openings on the Careers page, download a file with detailed requirements for each position, and easily apply. The site features an application form that collects basic information such as name, salary expectations, and links to professional social media profiles and includes drop-down menus where applicants can choose the currency they would like to be paid in (US Dollars, Kenyan Shillings, Ethiopian Birr, or Euros) and position as well as indicate how theу found out about the opening.

Users can view and download detailed reports from Kimetrica in PDFs.

  • the Our Projects page lets users find Kimetrica’s projects filtered by country, type of service, or keywords.
  • the Publications page allows users to search by sector, client, and year (through a drop-down menu) as well as by keywords.
  • the Blog page gives access to Kimetrica’s findings by letting users search posts filtered by date and author (both with a drop-down menu) or by keywords.

The homepage features an interactive world map with the countries in which our client operates marked in yellow. The color changes and the name of the county is displayed when a user places the cursor over one of these countries of operation.

Technology Stack

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Django CMS

Client's feedback

“I think SteelKiwi’s client communication is really good. For every piece of work, there’s always repeating in the chain. There’s the initial contact with the sales manager, and then for every project we are assigned a project manager. Their project manager basically makes sure that the work is going on and is satisfied properly, deals with any holdups, and acts as our point of contact to make sure that we’re happy. We still give them pieces of work when we need to make a change to the website.”

Roger Hunwick
Roger Hunwick, CIO of Kimetrica