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CRM system and mobile apps for virtual phone provider

Staff augmentation services for a leading European communication services provider

  • About the project

    Our client is a telephone service provider for global entrepreneurs that offers virtual phone numbers for businesses, customer chat, and team chat for internal communication. 

  • Solution

    We assisted the core team in working on new features for the website and in developing and integrating custom CRM systems. We worked on the API and developed native apps for iOS and Android. Through the API, businesses can integrate the solution with their platforms, manage accounts and phone numbers, view available phone numbers, etc.

  • Cooperation summary

    Services provided: Backend and frontend development, mobile development, DevOps
    Duration: 2 years 
    Team: 2 backend developers, 1 frontend developer, 2 mobile developers, 1 DevOps

Product functionality

Virtual phone numbers for businesses

Virtual phone numbers for businesses

Virtual phone numbers for business: have a local number anywhere in the world

  • Global call forwarding
  • Easy-to-configure voice response and voicemail
  • Call from your international numbers
  • Free call recording
Customer service chat solution

Customer service chat solution

A free online customer chat solution to increase sales

  • Free website chat widget
  • Connect Facebook Messenger
  • Free mobile apps for the team
  • Free conference calls and group chat
Team communication

Team communication

Free app for internal chat, calls and conference calls

  • Personal or collective chat
  • Free calls with team members

Technology stack

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REST Framework
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