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Innosight X

A website for a global management consulting company to tell customers about their new offering

  • The story behind Innosight

    Innosight is a management consulting firm that has been helping the world’s top organizations develop business strategies to accelerate growth since 2000. In 2018, they created a new offering called Innosight X to help companies achieve their growth goals using Growth Sprints guided by accredited experts. To inform prospective customers about this new product and about what they’ll get when they sign up for a paid membership, the Innosight team decided to build a website. 

  • Analysis

    E-consulting is a great way for companies to access advice and support from committed and enthusiastic experts in all corners of the world. Through management consulting platforms such as Innosight X, visitors get to know more about Innosight X and their offerings. They also receive advice and guidance from professionals on sharpening their growth strategies. 

    As of 2017, the US management consulting market was worth $60,428 million, and it’s forecasted to reach $87,000 million in 2025. The market for management consulting is competitive and huge. Innosight X stands out for providing advice through a combination of tailored packages, resources such as guides, articles, videos, and case studies, and certified experts. At Innosight X, they believe that “tools are not enough. It’s the right tools combined with the right guidance that leads to successful business outcomes.”

  • Our client’s request & solution

    Asher Devang, the general manager of Innosight X, contacted Steelkiwi with an idea for a promotional solution. We developed  a website with an interactive design that contains a detailed description of Innosight, including subscription plans and sprints, a contact form, a questionnaire, and a blog so prospective customers understand the process of Innosight X and get to know more about their offerings. 

User roles


The administrator can add and delete all content and blocks on the website through the admin dashboard.


Customers can view information about Innosight X, fill out the form to start a plan, and take a questionnaire to define which sprint best fits their needs. Once answers are reviewed, the customer has a specialist assigned.


August 2018 - April 2019
Backend - 1 Frontend - 1 UI - 1 UХ - 1 PM - 1
UX/UI that reflects the brand values

Our client asked us to create a modern and innovative look for the Innosight X website. At first, we sketched several UI concepts using red as the main color. But after discussing the various options presented, Asher decided to switch to soft colors that would evoke a sense of wisdom, stability, and reliability. To encourage actions and for emphasis, we animated the buttons.

We also created a mind map to visualize the user experience and relations between screens.

Developed the frontend and the backend

The project was quite small and didn’t require complex technologies for frontend development. We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the Innosight X website.

For backend development used Python and Django to develop the backend. We used PostgreSQL to store user data and AWS to store media securely and fast. We added the Django admin panel to allow admins to create, read, update, and delete any content on the website. To accept payments on the website, we used PayPal. We also implemented Mandrill, an email service.

CRM integration

To effectively track user events on the website, we integrated Pardot, a SaaS marketing automation solution by SalesForce. Pardot allows the Innosight X sales team to manage their customers via a dashboard. Website events are grouped into the following categories: 

  • Contact us form submission

  • Payment plan form submission

  • Newsletter subscription

  • Questionnaire completion

Implemented features

Innosight X offers customers four sprints: Discover, Experiment, Innovation Culture, and Future Strategy. Each sprint is designed for a different purpose. To help customers determine what their companies need, there’s a questionnaire consisting of four questions. Once a customer answers these questions, they get a sprint recommendation. Potential customers can also email themselves the results.

The website includes a blog so users can find free resources on techniques, templates, and tools that address different growth goals. Users can share blog articles to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Additionally, they can subscribe to the Innosight X newsletter.

From any page of the site, visitors can send a message to an Innosight X representative in real time by clicking the button at the bottom right corner. To provide this functionality, we used third-party messaging software called Intercom.

Innosight X offers three subscription plans: Basic, Team, and Pro. Once a customer has chosen a plan, they can fill out a subscription application form, indicating the plan they’ve selected plus their first and last names, phone number, email address, and position.

Once a customer’s subscription request is approved, they get a payment request email. Customers can pay using Payflow Pro, PayPal’s open and secure gateway for PayPal and credit/debit card payments.

If visitors have questions, they can message Innosight X representatives right on the website by clicking the Contact us tab. Once a visitor clicks this tab, they’re asked to provide their first name, last name, email, phone number, country, and a message.

Technology Stack

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