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A platform that enables smooth and easy interactions between homeowners and real estate agents

  • Our client’s request

    Regan Grafton was looking for a technical partner to build a real estate bidding platform. His idea was to create a solution that would look slicker, function in a more streamlined way, and be more user-friendly than existing platforms. 

  • Solution

    We developed a real estate bidding website that enables smooth and easy interactions between homeowners and real estate agents. The key mechanics of the platform are straightforward: a homeowner lists a property for sale and chooses a sales agent who will sell it after considering agents’ marketing proposals.   

MyPitchlist is about to change the game of real estate.


December 2019 – present
PM - 1 BA - 1 Backend - 1 Frontend - 1 UI/UX - 1 QA - 1
Business analysis

Our business analyst was involved throughout the discovery process. They researched the business context and communicated a lot with the client to identify and document project requirements.

Our business analysis services help clients transform their business requirements into functional requirements while minimizing project rework, discovering possible obstacles and hidden threats, and finding ways to improve productivity.


When designing MyPitchList, we paid close attention to user-friendliness and navigation consistency. We created a simple yet flexible design for easy future scaling. Also, the restrained design doesn’t distract users and lets them focus on selling real estate.

The main purpose of MyPitchList is to sell real estate, that’s why we paid special attention to user journeys and highlighted all clickable CTAs with bright brand colors.

Backend and frontend development

We developedthefront endusing React and the Next.js framework, which provides a common structure for easily building a frontend React application and transparently handles server-side rendering. Next.js is a great candidate if SEO is a significant concern for your business.

For the frontend architecture, we used Mobx and Mobx-State-Tree. Mobx requires less code and saves development time. Additionally, if a new engineer joins the development team, Mobx makes it easy for them to understand the code even if they haven’t worked with Mobx before.

Fortheback end, we used Python and Django along with PostgreSQL for database management. For caching and task sequencing, we implemented Redis. 


Online payment processing with Stripe
We integrated Stripe as a payment gateway that accommodates two types of required transactions: subscriptions and service fees.

Advanced property data from CoreLogic

CoreLogic is a leading provider of property information within Australia and New Zealand. We implemented wide integration with CoreLogic to get property data in order to prefill forms when creating property ads. 

Geolocation with Google Maps 
Google Maps enables agents to show addresses of properties and share the addresses of their agencies. 

For sellers, Google Maps allows them to check out addresses with a 360-degree view.

Implemented features 

A user can sign up for MyPitchList and create a seller account by entering personal information.

Sellers can post property ads by  indicating the property type, year of construction, and other characteristics including the number of rooms, types of rooms, parking zones, lot size, address, and price. Also, sellers can add photos and videos of properties and include requirements for sales agents.

MyPitchList is a list of selected agents by sellers. These agents pitch real estate contract conditions to sellers.

In the property owner dashboard, a seller can check out all properties they’re selling and a list of agents to which these properties have been assigned. Sellers can also access a list of properties sold.

An agent can create a profile by adding a short bio, a photo, and an agency logo. They can also include an introductory video and awards.

In their profiles, agents can view ads they’ve bid on. They can also filter these ads and search for new properties via the dashboard.

A subscription plan offers access to the platform’s services to real estate agents. Subscription plans have different prices and different scopes of features.

Agents can bid for a seller’s ads and offer rates and marketing packages. After receiving bids, a seller can select a shortlist of agents based on the seller’s offers and sales records. 

Technology stack

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