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A mobile app for buying and selling paperless coupons that caters to Saudi retailers and consumers

  • What is Arrkas?

    Arrkas is a Saudi startup looking to solve problems in the Saudi coupon market. The idea behind Arrkas is to connect buyers and sellers in one app. Buyers can access dozens of paperless coupons and receive rewards for transactions, whereas sellers can sell coupons to customers. 

    Arrkas came to Steelkiwi and requested iOS and Android development services together with UI/UX design and quality assurance.

  • Coupon statistics, or how digital coupons became the new normal

    For many shoppers, buying things on sale is a common way to save. According to the 2K19 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report, 92% of US consumers used coupons in 2019 and 45% of those did so very often. Today, more and more shoppers are turning to mobile coupon apps and websites to find deals. Another study by Juniper Research says that QR code coupon redemptions through mobile devices will hit $5.3 million by 2022. 

    People not only want to get special offers and deals from businesses: they expect it. 51% of consumers want special deals to be provided regularly, while 63% would use more coupons if they were available online according to the 2018 Shopper Behavior Study by Inmar.

    On the other hand, savings apps such as Arrkas help businesses in many ways. They tell consumers about products and services, advertise locally, promote businesses’ offerings, provide the potential for mass exposure, increase revenue by upselling and cross-selling, improve customer loyalty, and retain and attract customers.

  • Solution

    We built two native mobile apps: one for shoppers (iOS) and another for retailers (Android). 


May 2019 ㄧ present
PM - 1 QA - 1 Designer - 1 Backend - 2 iOS - 1 Android - 1

An app for retailers

We created an Android app for retailers to help them effectively attract new customers, improve sales, and encourage first-time visits. With Arrkas, retailers can set a company profile and create discounts and deals.

Implemented features 

When a store representative signs up for Arrkas, they have to provide information including the store’s business hours, store locations, a company description, a business category, and links to social media accounts. 

To create a coupon, a store representative enters a coupon title, subtitle, category, and description. This information is used to narrow search results and help buyers find coupons they’ll like. 

Arrkas takes a commission from sellers for successful transactions. The commission percentage is defined individually in the admin panel when a store’s profile is verified by the administrator.

An app for shoppers

We created an iOS app for shoppers to provide a better coupon experience. With Arrkas, shoppers can create accounts, browse coupons and discounts across different categories, buy coupons, and see the coupons they’ve purchased.

Implemented features

Upon downloading and launching the Arrkas app, a user is asked to sign up and create an account. Once registered, the user is given a unique code to show to a salesperson when making an in-store purchase. In their profiles, users can check their rewards points and total savings.

Users can easily find coupons using the search bar and filter by category. When a user is interested in a coupon, they can view its details to see if it’s worth buying. In Discount details, users can find more pictures, a share button, a call pop-up, and a Google Maps button to find a store location. If the user decides to buy the coupon, they just click the Activate button and the coupon is added to the My Coupons section.

In this section, users see all active coupons they’ve purchased. 

Technology stack

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