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eLoan Warehouse

A web platform and mobile apps for a financial company

  • Client’s request

    Our client offers short-term loans to US customers who don’t want to use a credit card or line of credit from a bank. With the help of our client’s services, customers can quickly obtain microloans without worrying about their credit score. 

    After decades of prosperous offline business, our client’s company decided to expand and put their services online as well as spread awareness of the brand. They came to us with a simple landing page website and asked us to help them transform it into a robust customer platform.

  • Solution

    The Steelkiwi team developed a customer portal where customers can easily apply for and monitor loans. The platform allows a customer to provide relevant information using a five-step form. Based on this information as well as data from various financial databases, the system then automatically determines loan eligibility.

    For the platform’s managers, we integrated an admin panel that displays information about log collection and errors. With the help of the admin panel, managers can also handle user applications and see the time spent filling out application forms.

    Over the course of development, our client also became interested in developing a mobile application. We built Android and iOS apps that provide the same core functionality as the web platform.

    The web platform and mobile app help customers obtain loans and then monitor and automate their repayment.


September 2020 – present
PM - 1 BA - 2 Backend - 1 Frontend - 1 QA - 1
App development

We developed apps for iOS and Android, based on the EPIC Loan Systems API using React Native. Integration with financial databases allows the system to process users’ loans and automate the document flow.

The application offers a user-friendly process for applying for a loan, communicating with the customer support team, and monitoring repayment.

Web platform

Working with an outstaffed backend developer, we built a web platform using React, Next.js, and Redux. The platform supports the application and repayment process:

  • A five-step form completed by users is automatically verified, then processed by the EPIC Loan Systems database and approved or declined.
  • Next, the application form is transferred to the customer support team which contact users to verify their information.
  • Afterwards, users can check application details in their personal profiles and can make payments with ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers or debit cards.
  • Users can monitor the repayment process and receive notifications about repayment as well as about status changes.
  • Users can communicate with customer support via in-app chat.

Implemented features

We developed an admin panel where website administrators can manage applications and view collected logs, errors, and time spent by users on the application form.

To ensure an effective workflow, we integrated the following EPIC features:

  • Ability to submit and process loan applications
  • Processing of user data to decide whether users are good loan candidates
  • Ability to sign loan agreements

After a user has signed an agreement, they are able to access their account from authorized devices.

From the user profile, users can:

  • view their loan history
  • view a list of scheduled payments
  • repay overdue installments or pay off a loan completely
  • apply for a new loan with the help of the data auto-fill feature
  • view uploaded documents
  • upload additional or updated documents

We integrated the Five9 contact center software to ensure the best customer support experience.

Technology stack

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