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A workout app to find a personal trainer and set and achieve personal fitness goals

  • The idea behind GoTRIBE

    Chris Hodges, a personal trainer, came up with the idea of GoTRIBE ― a workout app ― when he saw a problem with client retention in the fitness training industry. He discovered a 40–60% monthly attrition rate for personal training clients. He also found that 92% of those who start training never accomplish their fitness goals. Chris thought that making people accountable to a community and building relationships with personal trainers via technology would be a great solution to those problems. With this in mind, the GoTRIBE team came to Steelkiwi. As they already had an in-house backend development team, they requested design, iOS development, quality assurance, and project management services.

  • Solution

    In cooperation with the GoTRIBE backend development team, we built a workout app for iOS. The platform helps users find a personal trainer and workout videos, set and achieve personal fitness goals, monitor fitness progress, and track calories burned during workouts.

    GoTRIBE is a subscription-based app. After signing up for GoTRIBE, users get free access to the app for two weeks. When this free trial is over, users need to buy a subscription (monthly or annual) to continue accessing the app.

User roles


Clients can choose trainers and workout programs (and change them at any time), log sleep, stress levels, and what they eat and drink, and chat with trainers.


Trainers can create personal profiles with information such as experience and certifications, view a list of their clients, message individual clients or groups, and access data from their clients’ logs.

GoTRIBE: A workout app

Go smart, go far, go together with GoTRIBE


December 2018 - April 2019
PM - 1 Mobile - 1 Design - 1 QA - 1
Designed the UI/UX

When designing the app, we followed the design theme of the already existing GoTRIBE website. We decided to not overcrowd the UI and overload the UX so we focused on simplicity and minimalism.

We used dark grey as the  main color of the app. For emphasis, we used bright colors such as orange, red, and yellow. Since GoTRIBE is used during workouts, we used a large font size for clarity and readability.

Developed an iOS app

We created the GoTRIBE iOS app from scratch using Swift. We used the UIKit framework and the Modern-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Integrated heart trackers

We integrated GoTRIBE with the Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitors, Apple Watch, and Polar so clients can see their heart rate displayed in the bottom left of the screen when working out. The border of the screen changes color based on heart rate intensity. In addition to heart rate, clients can see their calories burned and the duration of their workout in the top right corner of the app. 

Implemented features

When users sign up for GoTRIBE, they set up their profiles. Clients need to answer four questions connected with their goals, the number of workouts and the number of sleep, stress, and nutrition logs they’re ready to commit to each week, and where they’re going to work out. Once they’re ready with the questions, they add personal information such as their date of birth, gender, and blood type. 

As for trainers, they indicate the following information in their profiles: experience, love language, personality type, type of trainees they work well with, and certifications. This data helps clients make the choice when selecting a trainer.

Once clients are done with registration, they can proceed to choosing a trainer and workout program. When browsing trainers, they can learn more about trainers in their profiles. Once they’ve done with selecting a trainer, they need to choose a workout program. Users can change both a trainer and a workout at any time. 

Clients should regularly log:

  • how many hours they slept

  • stress level

  • their food intake. There are two ways of logging food intake: 1) to choose the dish from the database; 2) if the necessary dish isn’t in the database, users add it manually. They click the Create button, name a dish, add tags which stand for ingredients, and take a picture

On the timeline, users can see everything they’ve logged and the workouts they’ve done. The coach also has access to a client’s data so they know better how to help them based on what they logged. 

GoTRIBE believes that human connection and communication are where you can get results. To enable the communication between trainers and clients, we implemented the chat feature. Clients and trainers can chat even during the workout time. 

To provide clients with a bird's eye view of their month results, we implemented the calendar view. Around each date, there are rings consisting of different colors which stand for the following:

  • purple ⟶ sleep

  • pink ⟶ stress

  • orange ⟶ nutrition

  • red ⟶ workouts

Technology Stack

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