iOS App Development Services for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Our team provides full-cycle iOS application development services for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, including the requirements engineering, user experience and user interface design, iOS app development, testing, and app submission to the Apple App Store.

Reduce project cost with a detailed requirements specification

You've probably heard that the native mobile app development for iOS might get too long and expensive. We beg to differ! Our iOS app development company keeps the costs down due to a thorough analysis of the requirements at the stage of planning. We cherish the direct involvement of our clients in the project planning.

Create a contemporary and intuitive UI/UX design

Our designers have years of experience creating apps that are easy to use and look amazing. The user experience we create enables users to achieve their end goals in a fast and easy manner. Planning on scaling the app's functionality in the future? No sweat! The user interface we'll create will allow your app to scale up as far and wide as you wish when you wish.

Get a high-performance iOS application

We've been writing native iOS apps for a substantial amount of time. We realize how important it is to deliver applications that immediately respond to user requests. Mobile app's responsiveness influences user experience. No matter how complex the solution’s business logic should be – your users will never get stalled with lags and downtimes.

Make sure your app is released to users without critical bugs

We're big fans of automated testing. And we also like to put ourselves in the users' shoes and perform manual testing of every application we develop. Our quality assurance engineers test the app's functionality at the end of every iteration. To build a truly great app testing needs to be a habit. And this is exactly how it works at Steelkiwi.

Launch your app on the App Store and get ready for growth

To develop a release-ready application and not launch it is the same as to buy a Lamborghini and leave it to collect dust in the garage. We prefer to do things responsibly and will only finish the project once the app gets approved by the App Store. After it starts acquiring the first users, you can fully rely on us for further support and maintenance.

The types of iOS apps we've built

From simple apps with a few screens and limited functionality to high-complexity software that runs across multiple devices, here’s a full list of fields we have the expertise in. Haven’t found what you need? Contact us and we’ll send you the links to similar apps we've built.







  • Online booking icon

    Online booking

    Online booking

    Booking of seats, rooms, or tickets doesn’t have to be done via a cumbersome conversation with a call-center anymore. Online booking applications are extremely popular among travelers as well as people that simply cherish their time. And we've got tons of them in our portfolio.

  • Recruitment icon



    Looking for the right candidates among tens or even hundreds of resumes is an utterly time-consuming task. Make your users’ life painless – build software that could save recruiter's time by automatically filtering applicants that match certain criteria.

  • Health & fitness icon

    Health & fitness

    Health & fitness

    More and more people are trying to stay in shape and improve their health. It’s a modern trend. Constant exercises, healthy diet, regular nutrition – these activities are essential for a healthy way of life. Health and fitness mobile applications are our favorite type of projects.

  • Lifestyle icon



    Some people like to be productive, some are crazy about cooking, some surf fashion trends for hours. In any case, there are tons of industries and niches in the lifestyle sector with tons of fans and enthusiasts. Make an app to interest them – we’ll help you with that.

  • Social media icon

    Social media

    Social media

    Modern people literally live in the social media world. It would be unreasonable to ignore this profitable tendency. Do you want to launch a mobile app with social features like content sharing, connections, comments, and more? We know how to help you achieve that!

  • Travel & hospitality icon

    Travel & hospitality

    Travel & hospitality

    Back in the day, people went to travel agencies to book trips. Today, you can do all that from your sofa. Whether you want to build a flight and hotel booking app, a travel guide or an online service for booking tours and activities, we can develop any kind of app in the travel niche.

  • News & magazines icon

    News & magazines

    News & magazines

    A news app is a definite, fail-proof way to attract a broad audience of users. Be it an app with the latest and freshest news from insiders or a news aggregator that gathers stories around a specific topic, let's create this app together. We've built some great projects like that before.

  • Event planning icon

    Event planning

    Event planning

    Event planning is a very important part of any busy person’s life. Event discovery and planning apps are a valuable tool to meet the demands of both customers and event businesses. And we have just the right expertise in building products for the event market.

What iOS app will you get?

Let's imagine we've already built an iOS app together. What is it like? See the characteristics below:

  • Performant

    The app we'll build for you will be fast to load and won't drain the smartphone battery. In iOS app development high-performance is an important quality criterion.

  • Scalable

    We build applications that are easy to scale and maintain in the future. You can extend the functionality of your app whenever the necessity appears.

  • Well-tested

    We always thoroughly test out the product before releasing it to the public (we also run autotests when necessary). Our clients never get incomplete products with a bunch of bugs.

  • User-friendly

    One of the many success indicators is when a person who opens an app for the first time can figure out how to use it effortlessly. We have excelled at achieving exactly such results.

  • Secure

    User data privacy is always a top priority for our iOS app development team. We combine iOS platform security technology and our own procedures to meet the security needs of a given product.

  • Engaging

    Apps with engaging animated interactions and dynamic user interface draw people in and keep them interested. Brilliant and useful UI animations are what we can do really well.

Apple invented the modern smartphone. More than 10 years later, it secured the top spot “for delivering the future today.” As an iOS app development company, we're always on the lookout for iOS advancements.

Check out the most commonly used tech stack behind our iOS applications:

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Why hire Steelkiwi to develop an iOS app?

We always pay the closest attention to the requirements and demands of our clients because we care for your time and money.

Our advantages

  • Strict QA process
  • On-time delivery
  • Experienced team
  • Transparent communication
  • Relevant experience
  • Advanced technologies
  • Reasonable budgets
  • Passion for technology

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