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Mobile Application Development Services for New or Existing Business

Since 2011 we've been performing the role of the remote app development team for companies who want to generate new or increase their existing business using mobile platforms. iOS and Android apps we develop put our clients' brands at their customer's fingertips. We've built more than 50 applications and we'd be happy to team up with you to implement your project.

Android app development

With our deep understanding of the material design and excellent knowledge of everything Android-related, we're one of those engineers you would want to be part of your team. Some of our older projects are built with Java. But today we mostly use Kotlin because it makes our code less verbose thus reducing the time for Android app development.

iOS app development

To build native iOS applications we use the latest technologies provided by Apple. Your app for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch will execute code written in Swift or Objective-C. We are strict in maintaining the quality of code we write. It's readable, flexible, and testable. As we start working on your project you will get new and stable builds in your hands every week.

Cross-platform Flutter development

Some applications don’t need to be developed for iOS and Android separately. We can use one codebase for both platforms. Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK that our team uses to develop apps covering both iOS and Android platforms. It's a perfect tool for MVPs and mobile apps that don't require complex functionality or communication with hardware via Bluetooth.

At Steelkiwi we design mobile apps that live on your customers' smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches

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What can we build together?

We cover the four most common use cases. Which one sounds like your project?

Build a mobile app from scratch icon

Build a mobile app from scratch

Build a mobile app from scratch

If you're going to launch a brand new product on the market, we always recommend starting with an MVP. We'll help you figure out what features to include and prepare a project roadmap for you. And then we'll make sure your app is delivered fast.

Port your web app to mobile icon

Port your web app to mobile

Port your web app to mobile

The cross-channel user experience brings convenience to customers and tons of benefits to businesses. To create this experience we can encapsulate all your website features in a mobile app, or let an app perform a limited number of functions.

Develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously icon

Develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously

Develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously

When both iOS and Android teams are engaged in product development, the process takes longer. But with our approach to app development, we guarantee that your applications will be delivered to you on time.

Port an existing iOS app to Android icon

Port an existing iOS app to Android

Port an existing iOS app to Android

Porting an iOS app to Android (or vice versa) cannot be done by merely replicating code in a different language. We will redesign your app in accordance with the platform conventions and build the entire functionality using native tools.

Get an excellent mobile app delivered

We create beautiful and easy-to-use mobile applications that offer flawless functionality and get positive feedback from users. To achieve this, we follow best industry standards and practices, run thoughtful QA process and follow Apple Design and Development Guidelines and Android Design & Quality Standards. See our guarantees for your mobile application below.

Our advantages

  • Highly responsive
  • Enjoyable to interact with
  • Protected against security threats
  • Easy to support and modify
  • Perfectly performs on the majority of mobile devices
  • Provides a consistent user experience

Mobile app development process

<p>Our mobile app development company provides end-to-end services. We start with requirements elicitation during which we establish a shared vision and make sure the right product gets built for the right audience. We also provide user experience and user interface design, and mobile app development for iOS and Android. We follow Agile methodology with the two-week sprints and daily team meetings. Every feature we build is tested and checked for stability through continuous integration, code review, and QA tests. </p>

Step 1



Step 2



Step 3

Project timelines and schedule setup

Step 4

Agile software development life-cycle

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Validate
Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Being reliable as a partner. It's all that matters

The ultimate goal of our collaboration with our clients is to build the sort of relationships that last. We work hard to create the results that our clients expect. To do that we put a lot of emphasis on planning and project management. Here are the standards that we stick to at all times:

Managing risks in the Agile way

Before starting the project we evaluate all possible risks. They may include third-party services, business logic intricacies, and other things we don't know. We identify, quantify, and manage them in an Agile process.

Controlling change requests

Handling project schedules is always a challenge. Things can change and this is normal. We have a systematic approach to change requests. It allows us to keep the time and cost under control.

Making code maintainable

Writing readable source code is one of our main requirements to every project. Our mobile app developers stick to our internal coding standards and common conventions so our code could be easily maintained in the future.

Communicating transparently

For our clients, it's important to keep their projects under control and be aware of what's going on at any given moment. We have special rules for communication that ensure transparency and stakeholder involvement.

Four facts about Steelkiwi before we meet

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100 people

We have about 100 people working in our two offices in Ukraine.


Fullstack teams

Our teams include a project manager, UI/UX designers, iOS and/or Android app developers, a backend developer, and QA specialists.


More than 50 apps made

Most of our projects are web-based, but we also have more than 50 mobile apps in our portfolio.


Worldwide clients

Most of our projects are web-based, but we also have more than 50 mobile apps in our portfolio.

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Feel free to send us any questions you might have about the process, the tools, the people, and what not. We would love to give you all the answers you need!

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