Quality Assurance & Support

We have the expertise and infrastructure necessary for comprehensive testing of your software product. Our team performs both manual and automated testing of any complexity depending on your needs.

Specifying requirements



Code audit & refactoring

QA and Support Services

Our quality assurance and support services are aimed at maintaining consistent quality at any stage of project development.

Specifying requirements

Requirement analysis

This is a procedure of gathering, analysis and documentation of all the project related materials and activities aimed at achieving the our client's business goal.

Technical writing

Our team has the experience preparing various types of project documentation: Project Charter, Technical Requirements, Functional Requirements, Architecture Design Document.

How it works

We assemble a team that evaluates the feasibility of the project from technical, legal, and operational viewpoints. This results in full understanding of the project and its goals.



We define the types of the testing activities based on the key factors such as platforms involved, size of the project, development methodology and post release plan.


Our testing specialists test the software on a variety of platforms and operating systems. They ensure the software behavior is correct by putting themselves in the end-user's shoes and going through all test scenarios.


Using special testing software such as Selenium, Appium, Jmeter, our team automatically executes testing activities and compares actual outcomes to predicted outcomes.


Error correction

After a product has been launched to the production environment there might appear minor errors that haven't been detected at the testing stage. Our team will track these errors and fix them in the shortest terms.

Enhancements of capabilities

We provide product upgrades and work on any product change that increases software capabilities. Our team always thinks outside of the box and offers key suggestions around product improvement.


We discover areas in your software that can be optimized to work more efficiently and use fewer resources. By refactoring your code or modifying your software we achieve better performance.

Code audit & refactoring

Source code analysis

Our team is ready to perform full analysis of the source code to define it’s current state and make a decision about what should be done to improve its quality.


To make software satisfy the non-functional requirements such as source-code readability and maintainability, our team performs code refactoring during the development process.

How it works

We use the best practices of code-reviews, taking into account the age of the source code, product architecture, and development conditions.

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