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Software maintenance, support, and reengineering

Development approaches, architectural patterns, and software technologies evolve every year. To stay competitive, enter new markets, meet high traffic demands, and align technology to new business goals, go for reengineering.

Product Evolution, Maintenance, and Support

Our Evolution, Maintenance, and Support service is executed by a dedicated team that keeps your software and services up to date, fast, and efficient. This service includes:


Product evolution

Based on user feedback, product metrics, and your product strategy, we can change and add features, implement new integrations, and re-architect your software to keep it up to date.


Software monitoring and optimization

We pick and set up tools to monitor and test your software’s performance. This allows us to detect and resolve issues. We’ll also keep an eye on your software so it’s stable as your user base grows.


Constant security updates

Our team’s goal is to keep all software up to date so we can avoid vulnerabilities and attacks.



If necessary, we monitor a product’s compliance with industry-specific regulations, laws, and standards (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, GLBA, etc.) and implement changes when required. 

Our Support and Maintenance Services

  • Application or system enhancements icon

    Application or system enhancements

  • Troubleshooting icon


  • Product migration icon

    Product migration

  • Fixing security and performance issues icon

    Fixing security and performance issues

  • Maintenance consulting icon

    Maintenance consulting

  • Support of the clients and the product's end-users icon

    Support of the clients and the product's end-users

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Signs you need to reengineer your software 

How do you know when it’s time to reengineer your system? There are several red flags to help you figure out. 


Software updates are too complicated

Software updates are required for many reasons: new features, security patches, new legal regulations. Over time these upgrades become very expensive and increase the risk of system instability. In such a situation, it makes sense to rewrite the software from scratch taking into account new approaches and technologies.


Scalability issues

What happens when software isn’t scalable? At first, everything’s quite good and you don’t spot the weakness. As soon as you want to expand into new markets, you may run into not meeting high traffic demands while retaining performance.


The UI is difficult to interact with

Good user interfaces make users feel right at home and are nearly invisible. A bad UI usually stands out like a sore thumb. If users find it difficult to navigate and understand your platform, then it’s best to rethink your design concept. 


New business needs and processes

To capitalize on your business efficiency and capabilities, you need to align IT and business units. If this isn’t the case, consider adding new functionality to cover your needs.

Our reengineering services

  • Review the original requirements & audit your current software icon

    Review the original requirements & audit your current software

  • Do research & rethink your software strategy icon

    Do research & rethink your software strategy

  • Programing language, database and platform migration icon

    Programing language, database and platform migration

  • Upgrade the infrastructure icon

    Upgrade the infrastructure

  • Refactor code icon

    Refactor code

  • Redesign the UX icon

    Redesign the UX

  • support & maintenance icon

    support & maintenance

How we approach software reengineering

Audit icon



We analyze the current technical state by reviewing the UI/UX against consistency, completeness, and intuitiveness and evaluate your software maintainability, performance, and scalability. We also go through your business needs and desirable outcomes.

Rethink icon



After we’ve carefully analyzed your product and business situation, we come up with a cost-effective plan for improvements, redesign, and reengineering. We communicate our ideas on architecture, tech stack, design, integrations, and DevOps.

Upgrade infrastructure icon

Upgrade infrastructure

Upgrade infrastructure

We analyze your system infrastructure to find weaknesses, gaps, and flaws and mitigate them and maximize on performance, scalability, reliability, and maintenance.

Refactor icon



We reconstruct and restructure the source code as well as redesign to ensure there aren’t any logical mistakes and your current solution meets your strategic objectives.

Add new functionality icon

Add new functionality

Add new functionality

We build new features or update existing features to keep your business running smoothly and align with your current goals.

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