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Power up your team: Hire dedicated developers in Ukraine 

Building or extending your development team can be a real challenge. We’re here to take the hassle out of recruiting. Our strong position on the market and high recruitment standards enable us to attract and retain the right talent.

Choose the IT outstaffing model with Steelkiwi to get:



We aim to make the hiring process as smooth as possible. Our specialists work with you directly, and our management team gets involved only when requested.


Quick recruitment for critical positions

Ukraine offers a large pool of tech talent and an acceptable level of competition for specialists. This is what allows us to quickly find and hire capable engineers and managers.


Scalability to handle higher loads 

With the outstaffing model, you can increase your capacity and fill technology gaps as your business grows. IT staff augmentation also allows you to avoid spending time and money on recruiting, training, and providing employees with the necessary tools.


Ad-hoc services

Because your dedicated software development team works under the same roof as other software development specialists, you can request complementary services on demand.


Lower operating costs and no hidden fees

Our pricing structure is designed to offer real value for your money. We provide transparent invoicing and clear fees. 


A trial period 

Every new hire undergoes a probationary period so you can see whether they’re the right fit for your company.

Step-by-step process of IT outstaffing with Steelkiwi

Step 1

Recruiting. At Steelkiwi, we follow a three-step hiring process that involves screening candidates, assessing their technical skills, and conducting an interview with a hiring manager who makes the final decision. Within this process, we always adapt our recruitment strategy to fit our client’s needs.

Step 2

Onboarding. New hires are introduced to your project, its requirements, and the expected outcomes. The team agrees on work standards, practices, and development approaches. And of course, new specialists are initially hired for a trial period.

Step 3

Ongoing work. Your developers work on a full-time basis just as if they were in your office. Performance appraisals and salary reviews are carried out jointly by you and the Steelkiwi HR team.

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