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Web Development Services for Businesses Who Can't Sit Still

Using a remote web development company is a good way to lower your production costs and hire web developers with the skills you need. But there is one problem – remote teams don't always meet deadlines. As a business owner, you've got your goals and a vision on how to set them in motion. You certainly have the expectation for when this needs to get done.

Steelkiwi is a strong web development team from Ukraine who's ready to complete your product in the time frame that you have in mind.

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What can we do for you?

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Requirements engineering icon

Requirements engineering

Requirements engineering

To build a web application you want, the people who are involved in the web development process need to know exactly what they should do. During our requirements engineering process we gather and define what services your system should provide and what the constraints are. We convert these requirements into a technical specification for our engineering team to follow.

User experience design icon

User experience design

User experience design

Today's users have high expectations. Accustomed to elegant apps like Netflix and Spotify that they use every day, people don't only expect your web app to be responsive and user-friendly. They want their experience with it to also be aesthetic, interactive, and engaging. We deliver UX and UI design services that help you create a web application that fully lives up to those expectations.

Web development icon

Web development

Web development

If you're new to web development, we'll be your guide on this amazing journey. We'll tell you what technologies would or wouldn't work and how we would go about creating the functionality you require. If you're an experienced technical person, we'll have a great time discussing technology stack, and make sure you get exactly what you want within the time frame we've agreed upon.

DevOps and infrastructure management icon

DevOps and infrastructure management

DevOps and infrastructure management

The digital product is kind of a big deal that doesn't end with web application development. When it comes to managing servers, updating cloud infrastructures, and taking care of any scalability and security issues that will come up sooner or later (take our word for it), you can use our team to back you up. If something goes wrong we'll be there in the night putting it right.

Core technologies we use for web development

Steelkiwi specializes in Python/Django. We use this technology stack because it allows us to build scalable projects within a short time. We use both React and Angular on the frontend, and have Progressive Web App (PWA) development experience.

A new web app to develop from scratch

Call it Lean, Agile, “fail fast,” or “speed wins," our approach is to start with a minimum viable product (MVP). We'll help you define what this is and work together to build it. It usually takes about 10 weeks to implement the smallest possible experiment, and we're ready to make this even faster if you're on really tough schedules. After all, speed is often a key to startup success.

An existing web app to improve and scale

Your existing web app was brought to life by other developers so we don't know its codebase. To understand if we can add value to your project, we will do a code review and run a quality assurance audit. If our tech stack matches the project's needs we can solve scalability issues, do user experience overhaul, build new functionalities and add machine learning capabilities.

Get an excellent web app delivered

We deliver a flawlessly functional app that gets positive feedback from your team, your users, and of course, your wife. See our guarantees for your web app below:

Our advantages

  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • Perfectly performs on the majority of devices
  • Highly responsive
  • SEO-friendly
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Scales no matter how much traffic
  • Protected against security threats
  • Easy to support and modify

Okay, show me what you've built

Check out these three case studies below. Let us know if you want to see any specific projects.

What can you expect from working with Steelkiwi?

Our web app development process is pretty straightforward: we discuss your project specifications, negotiate a price, and if it works for you, we assign a project manager who lays out a timeline. As the process goes, you will receive weekly builds and provide feedback until a beta version of your app or a large chunk of functionality is complete. After you have it tested by users we will resume development, and continue supporting your product for as long as it is literally possible.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Project timelines and schedule setup

Step 4

Agile software development life-cycle

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Validate
Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Why do our clients call us a reliable partner?

A quick answer is because we're predictable. Unexpected surprises can be a good thing, but if we talk about planning and leading software projects, you'd better be certain that the end result will be just as you envisioned it. Here are the standards that we stick to at all times:

Change management

Our systematic approach to change requests is what we're so proud of. Because even if you change your mind a bit down the road, we'll still be able to keep the time and cost under control.

Risk management

Third party services, business logic intricacies, problems that are hard to foresee at the start of the project – we evaluate how critical these risks are and manage them in the Agile way.

Communication standards

Transparent communication is a big factor in remote collaboration. We’ve got rules in place that govern information flow in a structured way and help you stay in control of your project.

Coding standards

Our code can be easily maintained in the future. We follow common coding conventions and have our own internal standards that make our programmers' coding styles consistent.

Something to know about Steelkiwi before we meet

After all, social networks don't reveal the whole picture.


Self-managed teams

We hate bureaucracy and love the idea of self-managed teams. Our teams include a project manager, software developers, designers, and QA specialists. Every team is supervised by a technical lead and a UX-engineer.


Large experience in software integration

We've got a huge experience in integrating third-party services and tools. In fact, we've integrated more than 15 different payment systems so far. Once we integrated 16 social network APIs into one project!


Architecture is our favorite topic

SPA or not SPA? Microservice architecture vs SOA? – we love heated discussions about web architectures. Don't worry, we won't waste time arguing about which one to choose for your project.


Expertise in right-to-left (RTL) website design

Though we mostly help the US-based and Western European clients develop web apps for their markets, we also have a lot of experience building right-to-left (RTL) websites. Believe us, it's not an easy job.


Testing is paramount

We're very serious about testing and Continuous Integration. Lots of specialists including developers, quality assurance specialists and DevOps engineers take part in the testing process. And this is why it works so well!


Ready-made code libraries

Our internal code-base has lots of tools, templates, and code-snippets for web development. These tools cut down the cost of projects and speed up the process. We enjoy fast-paced web development, do you?

Want to discuss your web development project?

Feel free to send us any questions you might have about the process, the tools, the people, and what not. We would love to give you all the answers you need!

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