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Steelkiwi is a US-based software development company with 10 years of experience in information technology. We help businesses solve technical and business problems by hiring dedicated developers in Ukraine. Let our managers show you how we can change your business through modern technology. Book a call for a consultation and a free project estimate.

Hello, I'm Kate

Having worked in IT for a decade, I’m well-versed in innovative technologies for progressive businesses. When guiding clients from idea to business requirements, development, and release, I do my utmost to make our partnership easy and beneficial.

Though online meetings are a hallmark of the age, business trips are a massive part of my work. They are a wonderful opportunity to work on long-term projects and discover new perspectives. Some companies may consider this a heavy approach, but I know that it helps clients achieve their anticipated improvements.

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Kate Chernel
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. We can set up a video call to discuss project details and needs so our business analyst can create functional and non-functional requirements.


Yes. You can hire just one developer or a whole team.


We have over 80 developers working under the same roof. This means you can request more services on demand. Or we can find and hire developers according to your precise needs.


You can. Send us your project requirements so our developers can estimate the time required for your project. ​​​​​​


Yes. We can send you an NDA before our call so you don’t have to worry about privacy and data security.



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NOV 5 — NOV 10

UK, London

Head of Sales, Ekaterina Chernel

Business trip

DEC 9 — DEC 15

IL, Israel

Head of Sales, Ekaterina Chernel

Business trip

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